Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is coming to the world and is a force that will touch everything and everyone. Realizing this, Hamilton has joined the AI development to ensure that AI benefits man rather than harms him.

He cofounded to merge ancient wisdom and AI to make humanity’s knowledge accessible and easy to integrate into our daily lives. is a large language model built on ChatGPT which was trained on the world’s corpus of spiritual and religious texts of history. By training the AI on such a vast amount of information, users are able to ask any question to a variety of AI avatars which represent global spiritual and religious traditions.


Ask a Catholic Priest AI how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.


Ask a Muslim Imam AI how a Muslim should treat his neighbors.


Ask a Priestess AI how expanding the feminine divine can improve the world.

Receive spiritual guidance, advice and support. Ask any question that comes to mind. Learn about global philosophies, spirituality and religions.

As humans rush to advance into the new AI age...

Hamilton shares a unique perspective as both an advocate of AI advancement and a maintainer of ancient wisdom. Humanity needs to take responsibility for its creations, and understand the impact they will have on each other and the planet.

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