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Gaia Labs

Supporting: Socially Focused Web3 Innovators

Gaia Labs, cofounded by Hamilton Souther, is a socially focused Web 3 lab. They provide founders with services from Advisors, Full Stack Development, Blockchain Infrastructure, to Digital Asset Management.

What does this mean for you? If you’re interested in developing a project in the crypto sphere but worry about the regulatory environment, the sprawling jungle of the crypto landscape, and reg tech, you may have a partner in Gaia Labs.

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Gaia Labs

Bridging the real
and the virtual through web3.
Real World Assets, Utility Tokens, NFT's.

Projects We Are Developing

Liquid Earth Assets logo

Liquid Earth

The only compliant real world asset NFT marketplace for minting and lending.

Landslide Network Image

Landslide Network

The IBC bridge to AVAX, enabling interoperability between AVAX, Cosmos, and other IBC-enabled chains.

FS AI Art as NFTs


A Marketplace To Buy And Sell AI Avatars , Content and Art As NFTs: Digital Media, IP, and Licensing.


It takes all sorts of partnerships to build in Web3. Gaia Labs has developed these partnerships with some of the top names in the sphere.

The only way to find out was to continue into the unknown and learn to accept fate

Hamilton Souther