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Blue Morpho

Photo of Blue Morpho's Ayahuasca bottle with blue butterfly prominently displayed

Our ceremonies use Ayahuasca that is made by Blue Morpho Master Practitioners and is like no other. Come experience what makes our Ayahuasca the most renowned!

Exceptional Quality

The Best Ayahuasca Retreat

Blue Morpho safely guides you to experience a deep communion with ayahuasca as you are nestled in Sanctuary. Receive the miraculous benefits of this ancient plant medicine.

Here are a few highlights of what others say about us…

  • “On the last night, I see—in broad, grand colors—the richness of the life that has always been inside of me.” (Oprahdaily.com)
  • “As the only full-fledged gringo shaman in the Peruvian Amazon, Souther is a natural interpreter for tourists navigating the mysteries of traditional Indian culture and its sacred plants.” (New York Times Magazine)
  • #1 most commented and read story in National Geographic of all time
  • Over 500 video and written reviews
  • Licensed by the Peruvian government for over 20 years

The Highest Quality Service at a Beautiful Luxury Lodge in the Amazon jungle

Enjoy comfort, delicious meals, massage and incredible nature excursions. There is no better location for your journey.

Our Ayahuasca

Four ceremonies to experience life-changing visions and transformation with our handmade Ayahuasca.

The Lodge

Join us at the World Famous Heliconia Lodge in the beautiful Amazon River Basin.


Locally sourced meals prepared for you by renowned chefs


Private professional guides take you on daily excursions to see wildlife, the Amazon jungle and an indigenous tribe.


Enjoy modern airports in Peru with your favorite airlines. Safe travels for everyone.

Daily Q&A

Speak with Maestro Hamilton. Get answers to your most pressing questions

Safety, Professionalism and Heart

Safe Powerful Visionary Ayahuasca


True Spirit, The Highest Quality Ayahuasca, and a Beautiful Luxury Lodge in the Amazon jungle

Participate in daily 90 minute teaching lectures and Q&A with Maestro Hamilton. Learn about Ayahuasca and how to navigate the ceremony for the deepest healing and transformation. Get answers to your most important and pressing questions.

This is a unique opportunity to directly learn from a Master Shaman who speaks English and bridges Ayahuasca experiences with the Modern World. 

Blue Morpho Ayahuasca

Best Ayahuasca, perfected over 7 generations. Made by hand by our master practitioners

Beautiful Destination

World famous Heliconia Amazon River Lodge


Over 12,000+ guests have enjoyed our retreats and Ayahuasca

Experienced Across the Globe

Our guests have come from over 100+ different countries!

Best Experience

You get what you are seeking Consciousness Development Personal empowerment Healing

White Glove Treatment

Once you contact us to arrange your visit, our concierge will help with arranging your trip.


What Our Clients Says?

Blue Morpho has received over 500 video and written testimonials. We have an active global community with 35k+ members from over 100 countries. 

Happy Clients
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Before participating in my first Blue Morpho ayahuasca tour, I was a concept to myself. Not a false concept, but still only a concept. My understanding of myself had been built on years of trying to figure out who I was, what I was good at, what I had come to achieve.
Maelys D.R
Before even meeting the team, or making the life changing acquaintance with ayahuasca, I could feel I was in a place that is made up of one thing and one thing only, and that is love. The entire Blue Morpho experience allows a person to feel completely comfortable.
Marilyn A
Two years ago I visited Blue Morpho for the first time and came back twice since then in search of deeper internal shifts. The trip to Peru itself is the most magical experience one can think of: the peacefulness of the jungle, the safe feel of the camp, the beauty of the ceremonies, the kindness of Blue Morpho team – all have stayed with me.
Victoria N
I would not entrust my soul journeys and my healing process to anyone else. Going for a BM retreat is a pilgrimage for me, a special secret on my path of becoming a better human being and contributing to this world my best. BM has been reviewed by so many media organizations and has such an incredible safety record.
Dessi I