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Hamilton Souther

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Hamilton Souther

In 2005, at the young age of 25, Hamilton Souther made history as the first Westerner to earn the title of Maestro Medico Vegetalista. Since then, he’s been on an awe-inspiring journey, guiding 10,000+ individuals through visionary plant medicines and helping launch two global movements – The Neo-shamanic Revolution and Psychedelic Renaissance. 

Hamilton is a bridge between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge innovation, fully immersed in the modern world. With a foot in Web3 and AI, he is not just keeping pace with the future; he is helping to shape it.

As a mentor, teacher and guide, Hamilton generously shares his wisdom through his Blue Morpho Academy, podcasts and enlightening books.

He is on a mission to awaken consciousness and technology for the betterment of humanity.

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What Makes Hamilton Unique

Consciousness Guru

He is a global leader in the exploration and awakening of Consciousness.

Master Shaman

It is rare to find a Master Shaman that understands global cultures.


He founded Blue Morpho, Blue Morpho Academy and Co-founded Gaia Labs.


He speaks on a wide variety of subjects from Consciousness to AI.


He is co-founder of cutting edge web3 and AI projects.

Plant Medicine Expert

He teaches the ancient secrets of Visionary Plant Medicines.

"Advancing consciousness is key to our ability to survive as a species and maintain our relevance in the universe."

Hamilton Souther


Projects, Passion & Mission

Blue Morpho Tours

Join Hamilton as he uses his expertise in plant medicine to grant visitors deep insights into their lives and achieve their highest potential.

Blue Morpho Academy

Certification Programs and Mystery School for two global movements - the neo-shamanic revolution and psychedelic renaissance.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is coming and will soon operate in every aspect of the world. Hamilton is using his wisdom to help guide the future of AI to ensure it helps humanity.


The democratized internet. Hamilton co-founded and is involved in creating infrastructure so companies and individuals can thrive.

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    Doing the retreat virtually, it turned out to be incredibly profound and lifechanging in ways that I’m still working through.


      I’ve been able to cultivate a lot more patience. For my kids. For my husband. For myself and my life in general.


        There are no limits with [Hamilton]. There are no ceilings…any idea you bring to him, he’s like “Sure, sure. Let’s figure out how to do it. Let’s figure out how to transcend that.”


          I describe Hamilton as the modern-day Shaman…He has fully become a part of their teachings and transcended them…Western Thought…applied to…plant medicines.

            BARRET PERLMAN

            As soon as I heard Hamilton on the Aubrey Marcus podcast talking about cosmic shaman battles and the way that he navigated in astral dimensions, I knew I had to learn from this man.

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            Blue Morpho Academy Certification Courses & Mystery School

            First in the world, plant medicine certification courses.
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            Personalized one-on-one or group coaching programs.
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            Amazonian Plant Medicine Dietas

            An open facility to those seeking time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and seek a place to work and stay in traditional surroundings
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            Visionary Plant Medicine Retreats

            Facilitated retreats where Hamilton helps people connect with the plant medicine to become their best selves.
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