Hamilton Souther

Hamilton is a visionary leader, speaker, renowned master shaman, and a valued advisor to extremely successful and influential people worldwide.

He guides clients to peak states of consciousness and effectiveness, taking them beyond mere wealth and power to achieve their greatest ambitions. He has mapped and codified consciousness, becoming a leader and international advocate for the use of shifting consciousness as a tool for healing and life improvement.

Hamilton’s Life Story

Mental health became of great interest to me in high school, growing up amidst the affluence of Silicon Valley. I watched many seemingly well-adjusted and successful adults open up about their struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD. Worse, I noticed that I was beginning to experience the very same problems that I observed around me, and they were advancing. This fascination had become personal, to say nothing of critical importance.

I felt a palpable suffering in the world. Modern people weren’t happy, but rather were mired in fear. Otherwise “successful” people seemed tense, lost, and tired. Granted entry into that realm, I saw that success did not end the suffering. Everyone suffered. The smartest, most educated, and wealthy had no answer for the pain inherent in life itself. Knowing something was skewed, but ignorant of any method of escape, I felt miserable. I tried all the typical adolescent ways of coping, but acting out never changed anything. I needed an answer for the suffering.

By then, I was in college studying cultural anthropology. From our research, I learned that traditional cultures might offer the possibility of a solution. I was filled with a new-found hope and a calling to travel to those cultures and the possibilities they represented. I was also filled with great fear of what I might encounter.

That calling became a 12-year journey into the Peruvian Amazon, native tribes, and remarkable traditions, which the western world has generally dismissed as primitive. What I found in the jungle was far from primitive. What they lacked in material possessions was balanced by a deep wisdom about life itself. The natives lived in balance with nature and remarkable flow. Incredibly, they did not have words in their language for stress, depression or anxiety because they didn’t experience them. I knew I was close to what I was looking for, but I had to face living deep in the most remote part of the Amazon if I were to find my solution.

After a year and a half barely surviving in the forest with bouts of Malaria, parasites, and deadly animals, I gradually gained the trust of the natives. I was accepted into a traditional apprenticeship under two medicine men, or “shamans:” Julio Llerena Pinedo and Alberto Torres Davila. Both were “doctors of the forest” and “sacred keepers of their ancient wisdom.” The first thing they taught me was that they had a solution for my suffering. The second thing was that the answer was potentially lethal. The third thing was that I had to be fully committed and decided, or I would die.

An apprenticeship in the Amazonian arts is, in the deepest sense, a rite of passage into manhood. It is an unrelenting test of virtue, courage, and creativity. It was the hardest experience of my life. I wanted to leave, but a deeper part of me knew I must complete this rite of passage and could not skip steps or I would not fulfill my initial reason for this trial.

Not only did I have to survive apprenticeship, I had to survive economically. In order to live, I opened a small tour business called Blue Morpho, (www.bluemorphotours.com), taking people to be healed by the shamans. During that time, I completed my apprenticeship… barely. Julio and Alberto had provided a solution to my suffering, but this was not a solution for the masses. It was just too hard, too long, and too dangerous.

National Geographic Adventure told my story in 2006, which led thousands of people looking for healing to my jungle home. It provided me the opportunity to work with and heal westerners of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, drug abuse, grief, and “medical” problems of every nature. I had learned that a shift in consciousness occurred with all healing. So I hypothesized that the shift in consciousness might be the root of all healing.

I began to understand that healing the wounds of individuals who were able to visit the center was important but limited. We could help thousands shift their consciousness, but not billions. Healing required transforming consciousness, but we had no consistent, systematic way to understand, study, and codify it. This had to be solved to be able to provide treatments on a global scale.

I spent 12 years in the depths of the Amazon uncovering the solution to this problem. I discovered a system I call Activated Balanced Consciousness™ (ABC). Through a proprietary series of treatments, following our own consciousness mapping techniques, a person experiences specific shifts in consciousness, which result in liberation from mental illness.

In 2014, I founded the Blue Morpho Foundation, (www.bluemorphofoundation.org), a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to curing PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Through my own shift in consciousness and healing, it became apparent to me that this gift needed to be shared freely so that people, regardless of wealth, could have access to this treatment. People would finally be able to live fully without the weight of unnecessary suffering.

Solving this epidemic is seminal to the transformation of all other social problems. I am grateful to have found a way to effectively treat and ultimately cure trauma-based mental illness. And I am even more grateful to have the opportunity to share what I have been given.

As we look deeper into our individual and collective well-being, let’s think about the people we know who need a new way to approach mental illness and let them know that the solution has lived in our consciousness since the beginning of time. We now have a method for accessing that solution, and with the right tools, guidance, and knowledge, it’s as easy as ABC.


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Hamilton continues to help millions access accurate information about shifting consciousness and the ancient traditions that founded these healing practices. He strives to provide the highest standard of treatment, his goal being that everyone  find the solutions and healing they seek.

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Hamilton is the founder of a variety of independent organizations dedicated to the betterment of individuals and humanity.

Activated Balanced Consciousness™: Founded in 2015, ABC offers people the ability to unleash the power of their own consciousness. (Click HERE To See Products)

Blue Morpho (Peru): Founded in 2002, Blue Morpho offers the most professional shamanic, sacred plant-healing in the Peruvian Amazon & Andes. BMT has no U.S.-based operations. Click the link to visit the full website. (www.bluemorphotours.com)

Blue Morpho International (Sacred Sites): Founded in 2013, Blue Morpho International offers spiritual tours (no sacred plants) to sacred sites of the world. Click the link to visit the full website.(www.bluemorphointernational.com)

Modern Shamanism: Founded in 2010, Modern Shamanism is the first full shamanic discipline for modern people. Its aim is to offer modern people their own shamanic discipline based on life in modern society. Click the link to visit the full website. (www.modernshamanism.org)

Source Independent Entertainment (SIE): Founded in 2012, SIE is the 1st music label dedicated to the exploration and expansion of consciousness. Click the link to visit the full website. (www.sourceindependent.com)

My Little Universe: Founded in 2010, MLU develops educational products for all ages, giving parents the tools they need for themselves and their families.