ABC Recorded Sessions for Each of Your Specific Needs

Hamilton has recorded an ABC Guided Reprogramming for each of your personal needs. The recording walks you step by step through the reprogramming process making it easy to fulfill your intentions.

These 30 minute tracks allow you to reprogram on the way to work, while exercising or relaxing at home. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your life and claim your personal power.

Individual Sessions: Click the Session Below to Purchase $99 USD

  • Reprogramming Fear
  • Reprogramming the Self Critical Voice

Hamilton will Record a Personal ABC  Session Following Your Specific Intentions!

Who is this for? Simply put, this is a personal gift to yourself. Hamilton is offering a rare and unique experience to receive direct guidance through Activated Balanced Consciousness. He will record a personalized one-hour session just for you, following your intentions.

How will this help you? You will be receiving direct support from Hamilton. The personalized session will lead you step-by-step through his consciousness-shifting approach and process. You will fulfill your intentions and experience lasting change. You can use the session over and over as you continue to learn, evolve and transform.

He can help address the following

  • Addressing specific issues or challenges in business, family, relationships, finances, education and romance
  • Releasing unwanted emotional energy
  • Cleansing pain and suffering from the past
  • Releasing energetic or spiritual blockages
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Addressing relationship & family issues
  • Spiritual healing & guidance
  • Advancing your personal spiritual or mystic practice

What do you need to know to get started? The session will focus entirely on your personal needs, concerns and questions. Sessions will follow your individual intentions. Ask and you will receive. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to set intentions. $500 USD